Designed for institutional money managers seeking superior risk-adjusted returns in the equity markets, Cirrus products are strategic in nature and idea driven, focusing on both relative performance and absolute returns.

We employ multi-faceted valuation and analytic techniques along with proprietary quantitative tools to manage data on a deep universe of stocks. Our analysis leverages sophisticated modeling which forecasts industry and sector rotation, changes in risk appetite, and factor behavior across the capital markets spectrum.

Our products equip active managers with the tools and strategies to transform such challenges into opportunities to rise above the average investor.

Published Research/

  • Market Outlook - framing and positioning the portfolio given the current setting. Dispatch, Briefing
  • Earnings Outlook - isolating firms with earnings risk and potential opportunities. Earnings Playbook, Fundamentals Tearsheet
  • Cross Market Opportunities and Risks - regional comparisons of market fundamentals. Global Positioning, Regional Outlier
  • Asset Allocation & Risk Metrics - modeling critical elements such as Risk Appetite, Crowding, etc. Signals, Risk Metrics
  • Portfolio & Markets Monitor - Briefing
  • Sector/Industry focus - Industry Outlier, Regional Outlier
  • ETF Studies - Looking Glass
  • Equity Income Research - Dividend Strategy

Applied Research/
Custom Services (Consulting

Leveraging the team’s skill sets, unique curated datasets & tools to delve into research/support our clients require. An on-demand research team at your disposal.

  • Custom Design/Technical support of equity portfolios
  • Factor Research - allow clients to pursue market/factor studies
  • Portfolio & Factor data delivery
  • Portfolio Maintenance & Assessment - on-going monthly review of your portfolio includes stocks and ETFs

Digital Delivery/

Digital platform allowing for analytic support

  • Sector / Industry / ETF tear sheets with times series and fundamental comparisons
  • Factor Modeling without coding
  • Time Series Modeling Of Factors, sectors/ stocks & ETFs
  • Business Intel Tool applied to industry selection
  • Upcoming Portal to allow clients to directly manage/oversee their portfolios integrated with Cirrus Analytics*
    *Beta stage