The Cirrus Difference

Cirrus Research, LLC is an independent investment strategy research firm dedicated to delivering innovative analysis and elevated insights to Mid, Small and Micro Cap investors. Our approach is idea driven, supported by a quantitative discipline. Cirrus helps you make the most informed decisions by focusing on your individual challenges and creating customized products and services that meet your unique needs. We have developed a proprietary set of analytics designed to support your idea generation process, due diligence, and portfolio management.

Our clientele includes active portfolio managers, fundamental and quantitative managers, research analysts, strategists, asset allocators, and risk managers at some of the largest global institutions.Cirrus Research. Elevated Insight.

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Our Approach
  • Investment Strategy - Classic Mid & Small Cap equity strategy leveraging 40 years of hand-scrubbed US data by size, sector/industry, risk, and style. We identify under and overvalued sectors and make active calls on select industries within those sectors.
  • Quantitative Modeling - Cirrus Signature Models, using proprietary factors, regularly produce portfolios that generate alpha signals; 24 Long and four Short models covering Large to Micro, Growth and Value that are individually back tested.
  • Research Reports - Designed to put our best ideas to work. Reports range from active strategy work on sector/industry developments or factor behavior that discuss the near and long-term implications to concise investigations of a market trend, zeroing in on drivers, impact, correlations and leaders/laggards. The macro picture is always illustrated at the stock level.
  • Proprietary Indicators - Market intelligence tools to gauge risk and shifts in behavior; examples include Cirrus Risk Indicator (CRX), a contraindication on risk appetite for identifying market-timing opportunities, Polarization Measure to gauge expected volatility, etc.
  • Performance Analytics - Monthly performance exhibits by size, sector, industry, factors, models, as well as a written distillation of market developments and trends.
  • Global Perspective - We provide consistent comparisons across the global equity landscape for Small & Mid Cap companies with detailed and cleaned historical data for 10 key markets segmented by size and characteristics allowing clients to identify opportunities. Detailed sector level analysis highlights international opportunities.
Personalized Service
  • Consultation - We are committed to creating an investment dialogue tailored to each client including but not limited to investment objectives, problem solving, idea generation, and performance enhancement.
  • Bespoke - Wide range of projects to assist clients in making investment decisions. Examples include sector/industry exposures, pricing power studies, identifying discrepancies in asset class performance as well as time series chart overlays and sector industry breakdowns.
  • Custom Portfolio Analysis - A deep dive into your holdings. Assessing portfolios by size, sector, valuation, risk, quality, and expectations, utilizing our Signature Models to identify areas of weakness and strength. Stock ranks help to identify compelling or deteriorating characteristics based on key factors including Quality, Price Momentum, Business Momentum, and Value. Short model identifies stocks with favorable short characteristics.
  • Single Security Expected Returns - Enhanced stock analysis based on client’s investment approach whether centered on Aggressive Growth, GARP, High Quality Growth, Deep Value, Relative Value, or High Quality Value.
Ongoing Assistance
  • Sales/Research Support - An elevated client experience, our team of research strategists and dedicated sales team stand ready to respond to any inquiries in a timely fashion.
Contact Cirrus Research, LLC: or (914) 289-1400